Software for Image Resizing – Also Online Tools

Photos and images are used more these days than ever before, with most people needing Facebook profile banners and Twitter profile pictures. Websites need images for their contents, and some other people just want to create photos that are custom-sized, for their personal use.

There is software available for editing images, but many of them are big and complex. The big downside is that they are not affordable to everyone. Some people can’t even perform the task of editing an image with these tools. What people want is just a simple image manipulator for cropping and resizing pictures and graphics for whatever purpose they may have. Here are some of the easy to use editing tools.


Pixlr is a great tool that allows you to create an image and also edit it. For creating an image from scratch, Pixler provides pencil and colouring tools for your use. You can …

Digital Image File Types

The digital image file types which are the most common and the most important for general purposes (cameras, scanning, printing, and use on the internet) are JPG, PNG, TIF and GIF. Of course, there are more choices other than these, but these four are reasonable and good choices.

JPG Files

JPG files are used commonly by web pages and digital cameras because of its ability to make the data and images very small. They make use of lossy compression and is very much preferred when a small size is favored over maximum quality. However, when the compression is not over done, JPG can be good enough in some cases. If important JPG images are to be archived, repeated editing and saving should be avoided, because every time you save an image as JPG, it losses its quality.

TIF Files

When commercial work is considered, the TIF files are perhaps the …

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